The Centre for Science Fiction and Fantasy is made up of Anglia Ruskin University staff and students as well as interested members of the community. We are a growing community! If you would like to join, please e-mail one of the directors listed below.



Dr Jeannette Baxter, Co-Director (Literary Criticism)

Prof. Sarah Annes Brown, Co-Director (Literary Criticism)

Dr Laura Dietz, Co-Director (Creative Writing)

Dr Bettina Beinhoff, Co-Director (Linguistics)

Members of Staff and Honorary Visiting Research Fellows


Dr Martin Zeilinger

Prof. Eugene Giddens

Prof. Rowland Wymer

Dr Kari Maund

Toby Venables

John Clute

Dr Una McCormack

Prof. Farah Mendlesohn

Cassie Gorman

Previous Students


Powder Thompson

Ginger Lee Thomason

Allanah Hunt

Amber Logan



Dr Val Nolan

Sarah-Joy Wickes

Sarah-Joy Wickes

Tom Hunter

Paul Kincaid

David Hebblethwaite

Vajra Chandrasekera

Nick Hubble

Maureen Kincaid Speller

Jonathan McCalmont

Nina Allan

Alastair Stuart

Gary K Wolfe

Dr Helen Marshall

Foz Meadows

AJ Drenda

Dr Audrey Taylor

Chandra Clarke

Christopher Owen

Marian Via Rivera-Womack