ARU Grad Publishes Article on Culture Clashes in SFF

ARU Grad Publishes Article on Culture Clashes in SFF

Claire Tan has recently published an article on Le Guin and Huxley in the University of Glasgow University journal eSharp. Claire developed her article from a coursework essay she completed for her MA in English Literature here at ARU.

“It was a really interesting experience and I would recommend it to any postgraduate student looking to put their work somewhere or simply curious to experience the process of submitting to an academic journal.”

In ‘Estrangement and Reconciliation in the Culture Clashes of Science Fiction: Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed’ Claire argues that both texts share an interest in interrogating cultures through staging a culture clash, a theme that recurs throughout the genre. The protagonists of both novels – John the Savage and Shevek – are strangers in strange places, estranged from their own societies. However whereas The Dispossessed embraces estrangement, reconciliation and uncertainty as a part of cultural encounter and progress, Brave New World ends with a starkly unresolved clash that, in the suicide of John, underscores the destructiveness of culture clash when the cultures cannot or will not accommodate the possibility of change.
You can read Claire’s article here.


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