Una McCormack’s new novel, Star of the Sea, published

Una McCormack’s new novel, Star of the Sea, published

October 2016 saw the publication of Una McCormack’s new science fiction novel Star of the Sea. Set in the Weird Space universe, created by award-winning SF novelist Eric Brown, it is a sequel to her earlier novel The Baba Yaga.

In the ‘Weird Space’ novels, the Expansion, a space-faring human civilization, and the Vetch, huge and hideous aliens, has been forced to make peace. Their civilizations face a greater threat than each other: the arrival of the Weird. The Weird are dimension-hopping aliens reminiscent of creatures from HP Lovecraft, who have been opening portals into our dimension in order to consume everything in their path.

McCormack says, “Eric Brown created a terrific canvas on which to work, and was generous enough to allow me free rein, bringing my own ideas and philosophy to the series.”

In The Baba Yaga, a group of humans journeyed to the remote world of Stella Maris, where, it’s been rumoured, humans and Vetch are living in harmony with a friendly faction of Weird. Carrying with them information about a top-level government cover-up, the group is tracked down by assassins, and the people of Stella Maris are put on the defensive.

Star of the Sea picks up when a science mission is sent to Stella Maris to investigate the friendly Weird, but proves to be a cover for secret and more deadly agendas. The plot follows a young mother, Maria, who finds herself an unlikely freedom-fighter; O’Connor, a scientist who has to learn where her loyalties lie; a teenage girl, Cass, on a mission to save humanity; and Yale, who only wants a quiet life, but ends up as Cass’ defender and protector.

McCormack says, “As with many of my books, this one is concerned with looking at how people from very different cultures and with very different perspectives have to learn to trust each other and work together to defeat a common enemy. The story is intended to be an adventure story – space opera at its most page-turning and entertaining – and I hope I’ve created an enjoyable read with a cast of characters in whose fates the reader can become absorbed in, and care about. This has been a fun series to work in and I hope people like it!”

Weird Space: Star of the Sea, published by Abaddon, October 2016


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