Call for Submissions: 2017 Flash Fiction Competition (Due 31 May)

Call for Submissions: 2017 Flash Fiction Competition (Due 31 May)

2017 Flash Fiction Competition

Judge: Kit de Waal
Closing date: 31st May 2017

Part of the nationwide Get Creative initiative

We are looking for entries with a maximum of 300 words (excluding title).
The competition is open to anyone over 18.
Please read The Rules before entry.
Entry: £5 per flash fiction, £12.50 for 3 or £20 for 5.


The winning flash fiction will receive £150.

The top three flash fictions will be published on The Casket of Fictional Delights.

Each of the top 10 flash fictions will be professionally recorded and broadcast as a special audio podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, TuneIn and Stitcher, and promoted by The Casket of Fictional Delights.

I am looking for a whole story that gives me depth and breadth, a beginning, a middle and an end but, just like a novel, not necessarily in that order! I’m looking for a turn in the story, something that propels it forward, maybe something unsettling or surprising but I don’t like gimmicks and tricks, I’m not keen on a rabbit out of the hat. For me, flash fiction has a sense of slow burn, something that will resonate with you long after the last word is read.


Time is short – with a restricted word limit do not waste them on unnecessary scene setting or complicated explanations. You really don’t have the luxury. You will be surprised what your reader can deduce from small descriptive details.

Work the title – in flash fiction you have a limited number of words, so use your title wisely. Don’t forget the title is not included in your word count!

Cast of thousands – It is not advisable to clutter up your story with too many characters; you don’t have the word count to flesh them out and it will confuse your reader.

Only one PoV – don’t try and do more than one point of view.

Break the rules –You have greater flexibility than you would perhaps have in a traditional short story in terms of language, structure and style.

Leave them wanting – leaving your reader with a sense of suspense, not knowing what might happen next or how the story ends is not a bad thing.  Tying everything up tidily in a neat pretty bow is not always a good idea.

Get Creative is a campaign run by a group of cultural organisations including the BBC to celebrate and support the everyday creativity happening in homes and public spaces.

The campaign aims to inspire people to try something new at home or at a Get Creative event and to encourage people to share their own examples of everyday creativity. The Casket of Fictional Delights’ 2017 Flash Fiction Competition is one of the activities that are taking part in this year’s Get Creative Weekend, 7th-9th April.


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