Marian Via Rivera-Womack

Marian Via Rivera-Womack

Marian Via Rivera-Womack finished her PhD in Creative Writing at Anglia Ruskin University in 2020. She also holds an MA (Hons) in English Literature and Media Studies (University of Glasgow), an MSt in European Literature (Oxford University), and an MSt in Creative Writing (Cambridge University). Marian’s main interest is climate-change fiction, in particular its Gothic and weird aspects. Other interests are narrativity and interactive narratives.

A graduate of the Clarion Writers Workshop (2014), Marian writes in Spanish and English. In Spanish she has published the story-cycle Memoria de la nieve (Tropo Editores, 2011) and, together with Sofía Rhei, the YA novel Calle Andersen (La Galera, 2014), a Steampunk/Gothic continuation of Hand Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’. Her writing appears in more than 20 anthologies and magazines, including weird fiction mag Presencia Humana (Aristas Martínez, 2014), Steampunk series Ácronos (Tyrannosaurus Books, 2015), and bilingual mag SuperSonic. She has also translated authors such as Charles Dickens, Mary Shelley, Lord Dunsany, Karin Tidbeck or Daphne du Maurier.

In English, her fiction appears in Year’s Best Weird Fiction (Undertow, 2016), Barcelona Tales (NewCon Press, 2016), Spanish Women of Wonder (Palabaristas, 2016), Apex, Weird Fiction Review and SuperSonic. She has contributed non-fiction to The Times Literary Supplement, the Science-Fiction and Fantasy Network, and has written for videogames.

Marian is co-editor of Ediciones Nevsky/Nevsky Books, a translation/publishing project which publishes speculative fiction in Spanish and English translation, and was recently featured in Spanish magazine Leer’s list of influential under-40s in publishing.

Selected Publications in English


Short-story collection, forthcoming: Lost Objects (Luna Press Publishing, 2018)

‘The ravisher, the thief’, Barcelona Tales (NewCon Press, 2016)

‘Pink Footed’, SuperSonic-EuroCon Special Issue (November 2016)

‘Orange Dogs’, Year’s Best Weird Fiction (vol. 3) (Undertow Press, 2016) Reprint. Originally published in Weird Fiction Review (2015)

‘Frozen Planet’, Apex: International Issue, #76 (September 2015)

‘Black Isle’, Spanish Women of Wonder (Palabaristas, 2016)

‘In a glass, darkly’, The Best of Spanish Steampunk (Ediciones Nevsky, 2015)


Collection of Essays, co-edited with Jennifer Wood: Beyond the back room. New Perspectives on Carmen Martín Gaite (Oxford, Peter Lang 2010) ISBN: 9783039118274. Essays investigating Martín Gaite’s work in relation to Gothic fiction, fairy-tales, and collage-making.

Introduction, The Topless Tower, Silvina Ocampo (Hesperus Press 2010) ISBN: 9781843918554

Article, ‘Theatricality/Sexuality/Performance: Gothic Neorrealism and Identity Fabrication in Calle Mayor’, Studies in Hispanic Cinemas vol. 3, # 2, September 2007, pp. 109-122, Intellect Journals ISSN-1478-0488

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