Dr Tiffani Angus

Dr Tiffani Angus
Tiffani Angus

General Director

Dr Tiffani Angus is an author in several genres, including SFF, horror, and historical fiction. She has a background in educational publishing and teaching fiction and non-fiction writing.

After finishing a BA and MA in the US, Tiffani came to the UK to complete a PhD in Creative Writing, which included writing an historical-fantasy novel as well as a dissertation investigating space and time in real and fictional gardens. A graduate of Clarion 2009, Tiffani is involved in genre fandom as a guest and panellist at SFF conventions. Her background in publishing includes several years working as an editor for an educational materials developer in the US; as a freelance writer/editor/proof-reader for educational, corporate, and private clients; and as a newspaper copyeditor.

In addition to interests in publishing and teaching creative writing, Tiffani’s research interests include British gardening history and the history of garden publishing, gardens in SFF, women in post-apocalyptic fiction, and time-travel narratives. Her debut novel—an adult version of The Children of Green Knowe or Tom’s Midnight Garden—will be published in late 2019 by Unsung Stories press.


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Podcast with Breaking the Glass Slipper about research on women’s bodies in apocalyptic fiction.