Powder Thompson

Powder Thompson

Powder is a writer, a PhD student, and a researcher of all things pursuant to bargains, exchanges, and compacts of a faery nature. It is inadvisable to attempt to make a deal with him. He has been, in the past, a reluctant cowboy, an Ivy League collegian, and an itinerant marketing professional. Mostly harmless.

He is currently a student at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. As a result, books on folklore and fairy tales frequently threaten to gobble him up as he strikes out into the woods of academia. The things he’s found so far in the shadows are furnishing the pages of a novel comprised of unequal parts fairy tale and alternate history, somewhere on the border between steampunk and gaslamp fantasy.

Selected Publications

Shoulder, J. and Galey, T. 2019. Our Top 10 LGBTQ+ SFF Icons. Hodderscape. Available at: https://www.hodderscape.co.uk/our-top-ten-lgbtq-sff-icons/